Does Medical Insurance Cover Therapy?

Is therapy included in medical insurance

Does Medical Insurance Cover Therapy?

Specialist Breakdown Of Insurance Coverage

If you are an overseas nomad like myself, then it’s important to know if therapy is covered in your medical insurance. Let’s hope that you either already have medical insurance, or are looking to get some or renew yours soon. 

In this blog, I’ll clarify whether therapy sessions are included in medical insurance plans. I’ve been in the game for a long time now and I’ve seen so many clients unsure about their coverage for mental health services.

I’ll break down the key points about therapy within the realm of outpatient benefits, which is where therapy is usually categorised. This is crucial for those who live a global lifestyle and need insurance that adapts to their needs.

What I can say straight away is that it’s important to ensure you do have coverage for therapy because getting healthcare as a foreigner or overseas expat may be very expensive in the country you are in. 

Stay tuned as I guide you through the essentials of therapy coverage, helping you make informed decisions about your medical insurance. Let’s do this. 

Yes, Good Medical Insurance Plans Will Cover Therapy

​​Medical insurance can cover therapy, particularly when it’s part of a comprehensive plan. Therapy is typically classified as an outpatient benefit, as it doesn’t usually require an overnight hospital stay.

However, it’s essential to understand that medical insurance plans can differ significantly in what they offer. Some plans may provide comprehensive therapy benefits, covering a wide array of therapy types. This can be particularly valuable for individuals who require ongoing support for mental health issues.

Additionally, some insurance policies might require a deductible for outpatient services, including therapy. This means you would need to pay a certain amount out-of-pocket before your insurance begins to cover the costs. 

Now, I generally advise looking for plans that do not impose such deductibles. This will ensure a more straightforward access to necessary medical services and not leave you with out of pocket costs as well. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to review which medical insurance policy you are going for thoroughly. This includes understanding the policy limits, any potential deductibles, and the claim process, which can vary from one insurer to another. 

If you do need cover for therapy, check out our comprehensive medical insurance plan here.

nomad getting therapy included in their medical insurance

Therapy Is Covered Under Outpatient Benefits In Medical Insurance

Therapy, including psychological support or counselling, is typically classified under outpatient benefits within medical insurance plans. This classification is due to the nature of therapy sessions, which are conducted in a setting that does not require the patient to be admitted to a hospital bed.

Outpatient benefits are designed to cover medical treatments and consultations that can be completed within the same day, without the need for an overnight stay. This aspect of medical insurance is especially important for those who travel frequently or live abroad, as it ensures continuity of care and access to necessary mental health services in various locations. 

For instance, a digital nomad facing anxiety due to the transient nature of their lifestyle may seek regular sessions with a psychologist. These sessions would typically be covered under the outpatient benefits of their medical insurance, allowing them to receive consistent care regardless of their location.

As someone who has extensively worked with individuals requiring medical insurance, I’ve seen how therapy can provide essential support and allows for peace of mind. Not only this but also the ability to seek help when needed without worrying about the financial implications.

There Are Different Types Of Therapies Medical Insurance Will Cover

In my experience, psychological support is a cornerstone of comprehensive medical insurance, and it’s something that we take seriously here. 

You’ll find that psychological therapies, including counselling and specialised support, are readily accessible to you. These services are crucial for managing the unique stresses that come with being a global nomad.

Additionally, like ours, a good medical insurance plan includes full cover for alternative therapies, up to 10 visits. This is a clear indication of the broad approach to health and well-being that we adopt. 

The most common coverage is:

  • Psychology 
  • Alternative therapies 
  • Physiotherapy 
  • Rehabilitation

I always encourage you to look closely at your policy details to understand the full range of therapy options available to you. 

rehabilitation is included, with nomad doing exercises

Is Covering Therapy Important For Nomads?

Of course. Medical insurance covering therapy is vitally important for nomads. The nomadic lifestyle, while rich with new and exciting experiences, inherently comes with its own set of challenges and stressors. 

Unfamiliar environments and the absence of a traditional support network can exacerbate feelings of isolation or anxiety. Hence, having access to psychological benefits as part of a comprehensive medical insurance plan is not just beneficial but essential.

For instance, our policies which offer global access to teams of highly trained psychology specialists means that as a nomad, you can be just a phone call away from vital counselling and coaching. Such support can significantly strengthen your overall wellbeing and confidence as you navigate through various cultures and experiences around the world.

Moreover, the inclusion of these benefits in all policy levels ensures that no matter where you are, you can receive the necessary mental health support. This holistic approach to healthcare is crucial for the modern global nomad, who requires a flexible and robust system to maintain their mental health on the go.

Will Travel Insurance Cover Therapy?

Travel insurance will not cover therapy. 

The reason for this is straightforward: travel insurance is intended for acute, unexpected medical emergencies that occur while you are travelling. It is not designed for planned treatments or ongoing care like therapy. 

Travel insurance is fundamentally designed to provide financial protection against unforeseen events that can impact your travel plans, such as losing your luggage or being in an accident.

Therapy, whether it be psychological counselling or physical therapy, is generally a planned and ongoing treatment that does not fit the emergency criteria.

If you do need therapy cover or other similar medical needs, a comprehensive medical insurance plan with outpatient benefits would be more appropriate. Especially for nomads and expats who are living overseas

Travel insurance will not cover any medical expenses for therapy


So in summary, yes medical insurance will cover therapy and if you need it then you should look into a fully comprehensive plan otherwise you’ll start racking up the costs of your therapy sessions. 

It’s imperative to review your medical insurance plan to see whether therapy services are included. Try to avoid going with travel insurance, and this isn’t going to provide good cover. Medical insurance is more comprehensive and can encompass a range of medical services, including regular therapy sessions.

For nomads and expats, access to therapy can be a critical component of maintaining mental and emotional well-being in the face of overseas challenges you might face. 

That’s all we’ve got to cover today guys. If you need medical insurance that covers therapy make sure you get a quote from us.

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