Allianz Travel Insurance Review

Allianz Travel Insurance Review: Are They Any Good?

Quick summary: We are reviewing Allianz travel insurance for nomads as part of a series so that digital nomads can make a good, well educated choice on their insurance provider and be clear about what they are getting. Our previous blog reviewed Safteywing nomad insurance and how suited the features are for actual nomads.

Overview of Allianz Travel Insurance

Alright so, Allianz offers premium travel insurance that covers most countries (but not all) and offers a comprehensive with the option to purchase add ons to tailor your cover.

Their monthly policies offer flexibility, making it convenient for nomads and frequent travellers. However, it’s important to be aware that Allianz doesn’t include outpatient care like routine check-ups or appointments, and have a deductible of up to $250 per claim.

Unfortunately, Allianz travel cover excludes cover in countries deemed unsafe by your government, as well as your home country. They also do not do direct billing to hospitals.

Overall, Allianz offers great travel insurance options that are flexible enough even for nomads, but it’s vital to review the policy details carefully to understand the coverage limitations.

What's The Difference Between Travel Insurance And Medical Insurance?

So the best way I can describe it is that travel insurance is like a safety net for your whole trip. It covers things like trip cancellations, lost baggage, and emergency medical expenses while you’re travelling.

On the other hand, medical insurance is more about covering your health expenses. It takes care of things like doctor visits, surgeries, and prescriptions.

So, in a nutshell, travel insurance focuses on travel-related mishaps, while medical insurance is all about keeping you covered health-wise.

Importantly, most travel insurance cover will not provide the same coverage as medical insurance, even if it’s comprehensive! So make sure you compare cover levels to see if you’re covered for the most important things.

What Is Allianz Travel Insurance Coverage Like?

Medical coverage

Now, Allianz does cover unexpected medical bills pretty well so long as you have their premium plans and not claiming on a pre-existing illness. However, it’s worth noting that the basic plan coverage is little help in getting you out of trouble.

It’s basically designed for backpackers, not for anyone who is living overseas such as digital nomads or expats. This is because of the lack of outpatient coverage and ongoing support. I’ll cover more details around this shortly.

So, while they’re great for handling the unexpected, it’s essential to read the fine print.

Luggage claims

From our research, it looks like Allianz is very good at compensating lost luggage and documents. Which honestly, as a nomad can be pretty important if you’re travelling with expensive work gear.

They’ll reimburse you for essential items if your baggage is lost, but remember to read those clauses as there are often limits to reimbursement amounts depending on your policy.

Speaking from experience, often the reimbursement limit will never exceed the value of what’s in your bag. So, don’t assume your luggage is fully covered just because you have insurance!

Travel cancellation

As a nomad we are going to be travelling more than the average person, so the chances are we are going to have flights and other travel plans cancelled last minute. Allianz does a great job at reimbursing cancelled flights, so long as you fit into the criteria agreed in your policy.

Allianz Travel Insurance Charges a Premium Price

Allianz travel insurance is advertised as a premium product, so just like all top of the range items you’re going to have to pay above the market rate. 

This is great for those who are going on a short trip, such as a holiday, as families and individuals can have peace of mind that they are protected. This can get expensive for nomads who are needing to be covered on a year by year basis. 

You have to pay an excess of up to $250 each claim

A typical travel insurance caveat is having to pay a deductible on a claim. So let’s say you make a claim for $1000 and your excess is $250, you will only be reimbursed $750. This isn’t unique to Allianz but it’s actually an industry standard for travel insurance.

In fairness, the excess you pay is pretty low, but it’s a fee you pay for each claim. So if you were to make multiple claims even for one recurring injury the cost can stack up.

Paying an excess is an issue that nomads and expats aren’t suited to, in this instance you’re better suited to medical insurance where any decent provider won’t have to pay any deductibles on a claim.

My advice? Paying an excess is an issue that nomads and expats aren’t suited to, in this instance you’re better suited to medical insurance where any decent provider won’t have to pay any deductibles on a claim

You Can Pay Your Allianz Travel Insurance On a Month to Month Basis

It’s not all bad! Allianz does offer a flexible travel insurance policy which can be helpful for nomads and expats. 

It’s fair to say as a nomad you have no idea how long you’re going to be travelling for, so a month to month policy is ideal as you’re not locking into a long term agreement. 

Just bear in mind It’s my experience that monthly policies turn out to be much less cost effective than an annual deal. Per month you’re covered you’ll end up paying more than you would under an annual plan than a flexible one.

Honestly, in my opinion it’s way better to be covered annually as a nomad. Given its more cost effective and you’ll have continuous coverage throughout, it’s much better for you as a nomads getting peace of mind while abroad.

Allianz Doesn't Offer Direct Billing

Okay this one is a super important topic to know about when choosing your insurance type, especially for a nomad or expat.

What is direct billing?

Direct billing is when your travel insurance company pays the medical provider directly, so you won’t have to worry about covering costs upfront. 

That’s what you’d expect on your plan, right? Well, unfortunately, Allianz doesn’t offer this, being a travel insurance company. Instead, you will be out of pocket until you complete the anxious task of making a claim. 

To be honest, most travel insurance companies don’t always do direct billing to hospitals to cover medical expenses so this is quite common in the industry. But this is not a good thing for most people… 

Imagine this: you’re in a foreign country, exploring new places and meeting amazing people, basically just living your best digital nomad life. Then you suddenly become ill or get injured. It’s stressful enough being unwell away from home, but now you need medical attention. 

You rush to the nearest clinic or hospital and after getting treated, you’re handed a huge bill. Instead of focusing on your recovery, you’re now dealing with a whole new set of worries.

How could this it affect you as a nomad?

You take the upfront cost

Without direct billing, you have to pay for medical expenses out of your own pocket. This can be a massive strain, especially if the costs are high. 

Imagine being in a country where healthcare is expensive – the last thing you want is to deplete your savings or max out your credit card just to get the care you need. I think that’s time for you to go home… Don’t ruin your travel experience.

It’s an administrative nightmare

Now, let’s add another layer of stress: the paperwork. You’ll need to collect all the receipts, medical reports, and documentation. Then, you’ll have to navigate through Allianz’s claim process. 

Hey It’s a lot of admin work when all you want to do is rest and recover. You’re in a foreign country, possibly dealing with language barriers, trying to figure out what’s needed, and hoping you don’t miss anything crucial.

Can be months waiting for reimbursement

After submitting your claim, there’s the waiting game. Allianz will review your documents, process your claim, and eventually, hopefully, reimburse you.

This can take time – time during which you’re out of pocket and possibly dealing with financial stress on top of your health issues. If currency conversion is involved, there might be additional losses due to exchange rates or fees.

Leaves you with a negative emotional toll

The emotional toll of being ill or injured is significant. Being far from the comfort of home, dealing with unfamiliar healthcare systems, and worrying about costs can be overwhelming.

The lack of direct billing adds another layer of anxiety. As a digital nomad, you’re used to handling challenges, but this one can feel particularly daunting.

Ideally, nomads and expats need an insurance plan that offers direct billing to hospitals instead of requiring a claims process. This approach saves time, provides peace of mind, and is commonly available with most medical insurance plans.

They Don't Cover Countries That Authorities Advice Against Travelling To Due To Political Unrest

Just be careful, as they may not be covering you in some countries which is a disappointment. 

Why this is relevant to nomads

I’d say one of the best parts about a nomad lifestyle is the freedom to explore anywhere in the world. This wouldn’t be fully possible while being insured by a Allianz travel policy, as they don’t cover you in countries that authorities advise against travelling to due to political unrest.

To give an example, if you’re from the UK you won’t be covered in parts of Laos or Sudan, as the Government advises against travelling there. 

This is a big deal for us because it limits our freedom to explore less-travelled, off-the-beaten-path destinations. If you’re like me, you thrive on the adventure of discovering new places even those that might be a bit risky. But without coverage in these areas, we have to weigh the thrill of the unknown against the risk of being unprotected in a potential crisis.

To me, our freedom is what makes the nomadic lifestyle exciting, but it’s also important to stay safe and prepared which is why medical insurance is a more viable option for nomads and expats as most decent medical insurance providers don’t exclude coverage in countries on account of instability.

Their Insurance Will Not Cover You In Your Own Country

Like most travel insurances, Allianz doesn’t cover you in your home country. Travel insurance is designed to protect you while you’re out exploring the world, not when you’re on your front door step.

Just picture this, after months away travelling you’re finally home to see your friends and family before you’re off again exploring the world. By pure bad luck you’ve fallen ill or been injured and spend the Christmas holiday with a huge hospital bill to pay off, knowing you’d be covered anywhere else in the world. 

What could start as a nice trip home could turn out to be a nightmare if you were only covered by travel insurance, as opposed to most medical insurance coverage which provides full coverage at home.

Allianz Travel Insurance Lacks Routine Appointments Or Check Up Care

This was the tipping point in my review of SafetyWing. As a digital nomad, having ongoing coverage for outpatient care, including routine checkups and preventive services, is absolutely essential.

These services cover a wide range of necessities such as checkups, prescriptions, minor procedures, therapy, and mental health support. The cumulative costs of these could become a significant financial burden.

Understanding the significance of comprehensive medical coverage, it’s worrying when policies overlook these crucial services. For nomads, who often lack access to consistent healthcare providers, having the option for routine checkups and preventive care is vital.

An ideal outpatient coverage should encompass various services, from doctor’s appointments to prescribed medications, imaging, lab tests, physiotherapy, and even alternative therapies. For more insights on outpatient care, check out this blog.

In my opinion, this level of comprehensive outpatient care should be a priority for nomads when selecting a medical insurance policy. It ensures complete protection and enables us to sustain our health while embracing our adventurous lifestyle.

Our Thoughts on Allianz Travel Insurance?

To me, Allianz is a great insurance provider for people going on holiday or one destination trips, their good coverage and flexible policies make it perfect for covering a family trip. Where paying a premium price over 2 weeks is affordable and with it.

Now, Allianz might be good at covering holiday makers but their suitability for nomads is poor. Their policies exclude the most important features a nomad needs such as routine appointments and checkups, direct billing to hospitals, as well as global coverage.

What Do Customers Think About Allianz Travel Insurance?

Ease of claim 5/10

Lacking direct billing can make the claims process more of a hassle for policyholders. Having to pay upfront and then go through the process of getting reimbursed can be very inconvenient.

On top of that, I’ve found a few bad reviews online saying they had a difficult time with the claims process.  So, in terms of ease of claims I’d give it a 5 out of 10.

Policy coverage 7/10

Honestly the coverage itself isn’t too bad for a holiday maker or a one trip traveller, it just doesn’t suit the needs of nomads as it excludes routine check-ups and appointments and doesn’t cover you at home

Geographical coverage 7/10

For the most part Allianz covered you around the globe, but just not the ones we have been government warned to not travel to.

Its understandable to most, but perhaps this freedom is what digital nomads are looking for in a policy. That’s why i give it a 7/10

Affordability 5/10

This company provides premium insurance so it’s no surprise that the affordability is low, especially when nomads want the flexibility of month to month coverage.

Customer service 6/10

This goes purely off what I could find online on review websites. Many customers have shared their difficulty with call centres and the mass of documentation they have to organise.

Some share stories of their claims being rejected, when in their eyes the claim was justified.


So there it is, my honest review of Allianz travel insurance for nomads. I’ve tried to give nomads the best insight into travel insurance as I can so they can make a well informed decision, and hopefully not get caught in the pitfalls of the insurance industry. 

So while Allianz offers premium coverage with flexibility and add-ons, it’s not without limitations.

Their policies cover most countries, but not all, and exclude routine check-ups, outpatient care, and coverage in your home country. Plus, there’s no direct billing, and they don’t cover countries with political unrest.

While their customer service and policy coverage are decent, the claims process can be cumbersome, and affordability might be a concern.

Ultimately, Allianz is a solid option for some travellers, but nomads may find better-suited options elsewhere, particularly with medical insurance providers that offer comprehensive coverage worldwide.

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