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Medical insurance for global nomads

For full-time digital nomads, expats and remote workers

⏳ Apply in 2 minutes, get covered within 24 hours
💸 We pay your inpatient medical expenses, directly to the hospital treating you
❤️ Stay safe abroad, and at home, nomad-er where you go!

Currently covering global nomads in over 150 countries 🌏
(and we cover all countries worldwide, except the USA)

Four Cover Levels

Major Medical

Covers all medical emergencies and inpatient treatment, including inpatient cancer treatment


Covers everything included with Major Medical, as well as outpatient treatment, and more


Covers everything included with Standard, plus routine check-ups, major dental surgery, and more


Covers everything included with Comprehensive, plus lots more – the very highest level of cover


Choose the level of cover which best suits your circumstances – and your bank balance – with cover ranging from Major Medical, through to Fully Comprehensive, all at different price points


For an additional small fixed cost (the same cost, regardless of which level of cover you choose), get Global Evacuation & Repatriation cover so that if you need medical treatment, you can choose to be treated in a different place to where you are – whether that’s a better hospital in another country, or the hospital nearest to your family and friends back home.

Direct Payment
To The Hospital

All of your inpatient medical treatment is guaranteed to be paid for directly to the hospital – you don’t have to pay first and claim it back later!

For small outpatient treatments, claims are processed in real time, remotely, by our global, multilingual, 24/7 claims teams based in several countries and time zones worldwide, and paid to you within 1-3 days!

Easy And Quick

Easy and quick to set up, easy and quick to renew, easy and quick to make a claim. It’s easy and quick!

Exceptional Value
& Low Cost

In many cases, the cost of the global medical insurance is CHEAPER than many of the travel health insurance policies often marketed to us Nomads. Yes, you read that right! So what are you waiting for? Get an instant online quote right now!

Annual Cover

All our policies are annual, even if you choose to pay monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually.


And even when you renew your cover each year, you keep the same original start date, which is massively important whenever a doctor needs to assess if your medical condition is “pre-existing”, compared to your insurance start date.


Pay in advance and get a discount of up to 16%!

Much Better Than
Travel Health Insurance

Yes, we cover all the small things, such as a scooter crash in Thailand, dengue fever in Bali, and an ear infection in Vietnam.


But unlike travel health  insurance, we also cover all the big things, such as heart surgery in the UK, kidney stones removal in Dubai, and cancer treatment in Australia.


Do yourself a huge favour – protect your health with actual medical insurance. You’re worth it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes dear nomads, you can. Just put your current address in and feel free to keep on movin’.

Anywhere in the world except the USA. We recommend purchasing USA-specific travel insurance if you are travelling to the USA. This insurance policy is not suitable for residents of the USA.

You can choose to receive treatment in any country worldwide except the USA.

Yes – as long as your home country isn’t the USA. Apart from the USA, you’re fully covered, nomad-er where you’re from and nomad-er where you go!

No, just once per year on your renewal date. And that can all be done by email, if required.

Yes, cancer treatment (oncology) is covered – you can find full details on our “Compare Cover Levels” page.

Yes, dental treatment is covered under the “Comprehensive” and “Fully Comprehensive” cover levels. You can find full details on our “Compare Cover Levels” page.

Yes, outpatient treatment is covered – you can find full details on our “Compare Cover Levels” page.

Unfortunately, claims cannot be approved if they are either directly or indirectly related to any medical condition or related condition for which you had treatment for, had symptoms of, knew existed, or should have known existed, prior to you starting your medical insurance policy. You are covered for events after you first start your insurance policy.

Terrorism coverage is included on all cover levels and covers any medical treatment needed as a result of terrorism, and any treatment needed for a medical condition sustained as a result of terrorism.

No, this is not necessary. To make the process as simple as possible, once you have gained pre-authorisation for your treatment, the insurance company will contact the hospital to arrange for payment to be made directly.

During an emergency, you may not be in a position to notify the insurance company in advance. If this happens, please contact the insurance company as soon as possible so they can arrange for all payments to be made directly to the hospital, as well as make sure that you are being properly cared for.

Please see the “Claims” page which has full information – and you will also receive the information in soft copy format by email when you start your insurance policy.

Yes, general exclusions apply to all international medical insurance policies. For full details, please see our “T&C’s” page.

No, you can apply and get coverage within 24 hours without the need for a medical examination.

Yes they can, although it generally makes more sense to have a separate policy for each person as it costs the same and gives you the flexibility to choose different cover levels for each person if you wish.

There is a limit to the total value of claims per year, but no limit on the number of claims. For full details, please see our “Compare Cover Levels” page.

Yes, you have a 14-day “cooling off period” during which you can cancel the policy if you want to. This gives you plenty of time to read the full terms and conditions as well as compare the cover and cost of other insurances, and if for any reason you decide it’s not the right one for you, you’ll get a full refund of all premiums paid.

Yes you can choose your own hospital and doctor if you wish, and you may also ask the insurance company for recommendations based on what facilities are offered at different hospitals. If you would like to be treated at a hospital in a different country, you will need the “Global Evacuation & Repatriation” cover, which is an optional add-on to all policies for a small fixed fee.

It’s always good to have travel insurance if you travel frequently – travel insurance and medical insurance are distinctly different types of insurance. Travel insurance will cover you for things like delayed flights, lost baggage etc, whereas international medical insurance covers anything medical related. Whilst all travel insurances and medical insurances differ, as a general rule, the medical cover offered on travel insurance policies has more limitations than full medical insurance policies, and there are often additional clauses which make it unsuitable as a long-term replacement for medical insurance. Always read the small print to see which things aren’t covered!