What Are Outpatient Benefits?

what are outpatient benefits?

What Are Outpatient Benefits?

Detailed Breakdown by Insurance Experts

Medical insurance can sometimes feel like a tough nut to crack, especially when you’re someone who is living abroad as a global expat. One term that often pops up is ‘outpatient benefits’. But what does it mean, and why should you care?

In this blog post, I’m going to break down outpatient benefits into simple, easy-to-understand terms. I’ll explain why they’re a big deal in any medical insurance policy and what could go wrong if you end up with a policy that skimps on these benefits.

With over ten years in the insurance industry, I’ve seen how the right coverage can make a world of difference for people living the global lifestyle. I’m writing this blog to help you understand outpatient benefits, so you can make smart decisions about your healthcare coverage and who you choose to be insured by. 

My aim is to make sure you’re not left with a hefty bill because of unexpected medical costs or stuck with a policy that doesn’t fit your needs. If you can understand what you should be getting in your outpatient benefits, then you won’t choose any plans with less than the standards. 

I’ve also got a blog post on inpatient benefits, that goes hand in hand with outpatient benefits as they are both equally important as each other. Feel free to give it a read. If you want to get a quote on our medical insurance please feel free. 

So, let’s get started and make sense of outpatient benefits, helping you choose the best insurance for your lifestyle.

Understanding The Term 'Outpatient Benefits'

Outpatient benefits, a term you might come across while exploring medical insurance, are an essential part of your coverage. 

So what does outpatient benefits mean? Outpatient benefits refer to the part of your medical insurance coverage that caters to treatments which don’t require an overnight stay in a hospital.

This could include anything from a routine check-up at your doctor’s office to minor surgical procedures.

Whether you’re a globe-trotting nomad or a busy entrepreneur, these benefits are designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. They cover the costs of visits to a general practitioner or an outpatient clinic, ensuring that these expenses don’t become an additional burden on your finances.

Essentially, outpatient benefits are a crucial part of your medical insurance, providing coverage for those health issues that don’t require a hospital stay but still need medical attention. 

They’re about ensuring you’re covered, wherever your journey takes you.

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What Is Included With Outpatient Benefits?

So, what is actually included with outpatient benefits I hear you ask? Well, outpatient benefits are a vital part of your medical insurance coverage, and they’re designed to cover a wide range of treatments that don’t require an overnight hospital stay.

From my experience in the insurance industry, I’ve seen how these benefits can make a significant difference to people and stop them from being out of pocket. You only need to be covered by Major Medical Insurance to get your outpatient benefits. 

They cover routine visits to your doctor, minor surgical procedures, and even treatments like physiotherapy. Essentially, any medical treatment that doesn’t require you to be admitted to a hospital falls under outpatient benefits.

Here’s a full list of everything they cover:

Outpatient Benefits


Outpatient Surgical

Full Cover


Full Cover


Full Cover

GP Consultation Fees

Full Cover

Specialist Consultation Fees

Full Cover

Prescribed Medication

Full Cover

Imaging and Lab Tests

Full Cover


Full Cover (up to 10 visits)


Full Cover

Alternative Therapies Treatment

Full Cover (up to 10 visits)

Chronic Conditions Benefit

Up to US $10,000

Annual Medical Check-ups

Full Cover

In my honest opinion, outpatient benefits are a crucial part of any comprehensive medical insurance plan. They provide the coverage you need for those unexpected health issues that can crop up at any time, giving you peace of mind as you continue your journey.

what is included in outpatient benefits?

Why Are Outpatient Benefits Important To International Nomads?

Well, outpatient benefits are a crucial part of medical insurance, particularly for international nomads. When you’re living a life on the move, health concerns can arise at any time and having coverage for treatments that don’t require hospitalisation is essential.

These benefits cover a wide range of medical needs, from routine doctor’s visits to minor surgical procedures. For us nomads, this is often the majority of our healthcare needs. We might need to see a doctor for a minor illness, have a routine check-up, or even undergo minor surgical procedures. These are all covered under outpatient benefits.

They provide you with the freedom to seek medical attention whenever and wherever we need it, without worrying about the financial burden. This means you can continue our global adventures with the peace of mind that our health is taken care of.

In essence, outpatient benefits are not just about healthcare, they’re about enabling you to live your lifestyle to the fullest. They provide the security and freedom we need to explore the world, knowing that your health is in good hands.

Check out our nomad insurance here.

How Can You Claim Your Outpatient Benefits?

Now, claiming your outpatient benefits should be a breeze, and I say this with complete confidence having navigated the complexities of the insurance industry for over a decade.

Firstly, always remember to contact your insurance provider before you seek treatment. When it comes to our claim process, our team of medical professionals is on hand to guide you to the best facilities for your needs ensuring you receive the right treatment.

Once your treatment is complete, the claims process is straightforward. Unlike some insurance companies that require you to fill out lengthy paper forms and post original receipts, we’ve digitised the entire process. 

You can simply send us the necessary documents via email, even photos from your phone will do. This not only saves you time but also fits perfectly with the future, and nomads who are always on the move who might not have access to printers etc.

We then review your claim and if everything checks out, we arrange for full payment of the costs directly to the hospital or clinic. This is a significant advantage over some insurers who might require you to pay upfront and then claim it back, which can be a financial burden.

Yep, so we’ve designed our claims process with your convenience in mind. It’s quick, efficient, and transparent, making it a standout choice for international nomads.

Be Careful With Companies Offering Little To No Outpatient Benefits

Look, you need to be careful when choosing your medical insurance to make sure that enough outpatient benefits are covered. PS. Avoid anyone who makes you pay a deductible.

If you find yourself with a medical insurance policy that falls short in terms of outpatient benefits then you can be left with a range of problems.

Firstly, without adequate coverage, you could be left with significant medical bills. Routine doctor’s visits, minor surgical procedures, and treatments like physiotherapy might seem small, but without insurance, these costs can quickly add up. Your location and country will make a difference on the cost of your insurance as well. 

You could find yourself having to pay these expenses out of pocket, which can put a strain on your finances. The financial stress of dealing with unexpected medical bills can also take a toll on your mental health. Worrying about how to pay for your healthcare can lead to increased stress and anxiety, which in turn takes a further toll on your health.

Lastly, without good medical insurance  you might find yourself delaying or avoiding necessary medical treatments due to cost. This can result in minor health issues becoming more serious over time, leading to more extensive and expensive treatments in the future.

I think we can all agree, it’s always worth investing time in finding a comprehensive medical insurance policy that offers decent outpatient benefits. Your health is your wealth, especially when you’re far from home.

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In conclusion, outpatient benefits are a crucial part of any comprehensive medical insurance policy, and particularly for anyone who is living abroad

They cover a wide range of medical needs that don’t require hospitalisation, ensuring that you can receive the necessary medical attention without the financial stress.

However, not all insurance companies offer coverage on outpatient benefits, and choosing a policy with inadequate coverage can leave you facing significant financial burdens and potential health risks. 

I think we are all in agreement when we say it’s always worth taking the time to thoroughly review the coverage offered by an insurance company before making a decision.

Remember, your health is your wealth, especially when you’re far from home. So, invest in a policy that offers comprehensive outpatient benefits and gives you the peace of mind to continue your journey, knowing that your health is in good hands. 

As always, if you have any questions or need further advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Safe travels!

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