What is the Fitness Benefit included with this medical insurance policy?

If you’ve ever had a personal trainer at a gym, you’ll know that one way or another, they manage to get you in much better shape than you would be if you just went to the gym on your own. Maybe it’s them demanding that you stick to the agreed plan and complete another 10 reps, maybe it’s them explaining the reasons for doing whatever it is you’re doing whilst you do it, maybe it’s their incessant motivation to keep going, or maybe it’s just having that accountability partner to make sure you turn up at the agreed time and put some work in. Maybe they just get you on to the actual workout instead of spending an hour-and-a half “at the gym”, sitting in the sauna.

Either way, that professional and personalised human element of a plan to get – and stay – fit and healthy, is a massive benefit for most people. Unfortunately, meeting your friendly local fitness professional at your local gym is one of the things which becomes rather difficult once you’ve decided to head off around Planet Earth as a global nomad.

Of course, there are gyms almost everywhere – in all the major towns worldwide anyway (although prehaps not at every mountain and beach). But it can be difficult to keep that motivation going if you’re in a new place every month, especially if the “feel” of a new gym is different than what you’re used to. As nomads, we don’t have different needs or objectives to anyone else in relation to health and fitness, we just have different circumstances. Most nomads can’t take their Peloton machine with them on a global adventure – it just doesn’t fit in the suitcases.

That’s why the nomad-specific medical insurance policies from MedicalForNomads, underwritten by Regency, include a supplementary benefit available to all policyholders, regardless of your cover level, age, or location, so that you can access the services of a professional fitness specialist from wherever you are on the planet.

It’s not like those Zoom and YouTube group fitness sessions for your work out – you can still do those separately – this supplementary benefit gives you that all-important 1-to-1 time with a professional personal trainer who will help you create a personalised plan based on your specific fitness objectives, taking into account your own unique circumstances and current fitness levels, and give you that ongoing help, support, and motivation to help you fully achieve your goals. All you need is an internet connection (or mobile phone signal), and ask to schedule a call by phone or video call.

It’s also completely free to anyone who has purchased a medical insurance policy via, whether you use it every week, just occasionally, just once or twice to get your plan set up, or never at all. It’s there to be used whenever you want to use it – all you have to do is ask for it!

So, whether you are aiming to improve your general fitness level, lose weight, recover from injuries, feel younger, train to run a marathon, look amazing on instagram, or just generally take good care of your body, it’s all doable, and a professional personal trainer can help you achieve your goals, wherever you are on the planet, and even if you’re stuck at home during a lockdown.

If you’re a new customer of MedicalForNomads, you don’t have to wait – you can start using this service immediately, for free, with no restrictions or waiting period, as soon as your medical insurance policy is active.

For the “official” Fitness Benefit policy supplement document, please click here: MFN Regency Supplementary Benefit – Fitness, and remember that it’s a massive 10% cheaper to purchase medical insurance underwritten by Regency via than it is to purchase it directly. You’re welcome 🙂

Stay fit and healthy, nomad-er where you are on the planet!

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With a decade of experience in medical insurance, Damon crafts solutions for nomads and global entrepreneurs. Often seen at global seminars or featured in industry publications, he’s dedicated to simplifying medical insurance for all.

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