Is Coronavirus (Covid-19) covered by this medical insurance?

Yes it is. ALL illnesses are covered, including Covid-19.

Additionally, if you need confirmation of Covid-19 insurance cover to be able to travel, enter a country, (if your trip is not essential, please stay at your home wherever you are), or extend a temporary visa or residence permit wherever you are sheltering in place, we will provide you with a personalised letter of confirmation to show to the relevant authorities, in addition to your insurance policy documents, which confirms that you are fully covered for any medical treatment required due to contracting Covid-19.

For new policies, there is a 14-day exclusion period, meaning that your Covid-19 cover will commence precisely 14 days after you purchase your new medical insurance policy. If you know you may need to travel in the near future, don’t wait – get your medical insurance policy in place now, so that you have full unrestricted access to the best private healthcare available wherever you are (worldwide, except the USA), if you need it due to Covid-19 or any other illness or injury.

You can view the official Covid-19 notification from our insurance underwriter here: MFN Regency Covid-19 Confirmation of Coverage, and remember that it’s a massive 10% cheaper to purchase medical insurance underwritten by Regency via than it is to purchase it directly. You’re welcome 🙂

Stay safe!

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