MedicalForNomads Affiliate Program

Affiliate Strategies

Whether you’re joining us as a first-time affiliate marketer, or you’re well-experienced and want to increase your effectiveness, here are some hints and tips to help you maximise the impact you have on those who come across your links and content, and therefore increase your passive income.

1. Keep it authentic

There’s enough nonsense on the internet already – don’t add more! When people discover, or are searching for, something as important as protecting their health with a top-tier international medical insurance, nothing is more compelling than finding out why you are highlighting or recommending us.

The most compelling information you can give, is why you chose to have it for yourself! Similarly, content which explains your reasons why our product is the best option for global nomads, is always going to be more effective than simply mentioning that we exist.

2. Communicate frequently

Whether you’re posting on social media, writing blogs or reviews, making videos, or just telling your friends and contacts privately, more activity = more eyeballs on your links/content = more sales = more commissions. It sounds simple because it is!

3. Use established best practise for your platform

Posting on Instagram? Use #hashtags. Writing a blog post? Use SEO. Sending private messages to friends and contacts? Use personalisation. There are many ways to increase engagement and visibility, which go far beyond the scope of affiliate marketing – learn them, use them, and watch everything you go be more effective – not just your affiliate commissions!

A selection of ways you can get more people to click your affiliate link:

Messaging friends and contacts
– just send your link by WhatsApp, DM, email etc, along with a reason why you’re sending it.

“Hey [insert name], I’ve just discovered MedicalForNomads and I think it might be good for you too. Check it out! [insert link]”

Posting on social media – say something about us, and include your affiliate link.

To all my digital nomad friends: Check out MedicalForNomads, it’s made specifically for people like us! [insert link]”
“I’ve got MedicalForNomads because it’s so much better than travel insurance – maybe you should too? [insert link]”

Blog/Vlog posts – create a blog/vlog post about us, work some comments about our product into an existing blog post, or simply add one of our pre-made banners or adverts into your blog post design as an image (which will then beat AdBlockers). If you’re unsure what to write or say, check out our ‘Ultimate Guide to Healthcare as a Global Nomad’, which is available for free download from our homepage, and has loads of useful information about how healthcare works worldwide. Some other blog ideas:

“Why MedicalForNomads is perfect for global nomads”
Why it’s important to have great medical insurance as a global nomad”
“Comparing different options for healthcare as a global nomad”

Online comments – There are literally millions of comments already online discussing medical insurance and healthcare for global nomads, and you can join the conversation and use your link.

“I’ve got MedicalForNomads [insert link]”
“The best one I’ve found is MedicalForNomads [insert link]”
“What do you think of MedicalForNomads? [insert link]”

Adding banners/adverts to your existing website – If you’ve already got a website or blog page, just add our pre-made banners and/or adverts into your blog post design as an image (which will then beat AdBlockers), and add your affiliate link as a hyperlink.

Adding content or adverts to your existing email newsletter – if you’ve already got a distribution list of people who read your content, just add some content (or even just some banners/adverts) into your newsletter (which will then beat AdBlockers).

Put up a poster – If you live or work in a physical place visited by lots of global nomads (i.e. a co-working space, or a café), just create a poster including your affiliate link and display it somewhere it will be seen.

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