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The MedicalForNomads Affiliate Program supports educators, influencers, review sites, content creators, and our happy clients to help them spread the word about the benefits of MedicalForNomads, and earn commissions for their referrals

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When you sign up, you will receive a unique link, which tracks any and all clicks of that link, as it redirects to our homepage. Every time someone who clicks your link (or types it manually into a browser, or adds your affiliate code manually into our online application form) purchases our medical insurance, you will be paid an affiliate commission. Your unique link can be used anywhere online or offline, via blog posts, social media, messaging apps, text messages, email, graffiti, or in a letter to your grandma.

You will be paid $25 (USD) for every individual who joins MedicalForNomads. For a family of four, this would therefore be $100 (USD). The amount you receive is not dependent on what cover level they choose, or what payment frequency they select, or what their age or location is – every new sale is treated exactly the same.

You will be paid within 15-30 days of the customer completing the online application process on

Yes. When you join our affiliate program, whatever you choose as your username becomes part of your unique link. For example, if you choose “JonBonJovi” as your username, your unique link will be The only time you cannot have the link of your choice, is if somebody else has already chosen it.

Currently, the only way to have multiple unique links is to have multiple affiliate accounts, each using a different email address. This is fine by us.

However, you can add a specific campaign name tag in the URL in order to measure how well a specific campaign went compared to others. 

For example, if you choose “JonBonJovi” as your username and “MyAwesomeFacebookCampaign”, your unique link will be

All of your data is available for viewing 24/7, when you sign into the affiliate dashboard at:

Build your own affiliate program without limits

Currently, we can offer PayPal, and International Bank Transfer. If you would like to request a different way of being paid, please contact us.

No. Once you’ve been paid, it’s yours to keep. All new customers have a 14-day “cooling-off period” where they can cancel their MedicalForNomads purchase for any reason, and receive a full refund of all insurance premiums paid, if they wish. This is why the earliest payment date of affiliate commissions is 15 days after purchase.

Currently, no; we pay the full amount due to the affiliate within 15-30 days of the purchase by the customer, and pay our affiliates on a per-customer basis, i.e. we pay you a fixed amount for every new paying customer who comes to us via your affiliate link. We may, at our discretion, offer additional incentives and/or rewards to our highest performing affiliates which may be based on other metrics, such as the longevity of customers after the initial one-year term.

No, everyone is welcome to join the MedicalForNomads Affiliate Program. Whether you’re a professional affiliate marketer, or you just want to sign-up to get a link for a friend who has already decided to buy our insurance, or anywhere in between, you are very welcome to join us as an affiliate.

Yes. You can then go on to make hundreds, or thousands of dollars, and more, simply by telling people you know that you’ve just joined MedicalForNomads as a customer, and introducing us to them by sharing your unique affiliate link. Everything else is automated, you don’t need to do any “selling”, people are free to make their own decisions, you just get paid every time someone makes a purchase after clicking on your link.

Yes. Currently there are three other related programs:

Each affiliate program is independent, and therefore if you would like to be an affiliate for any or all of the others, you will need to register for each one separately.

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